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ODESSA s/t (SS003)

Image of ODESSA s/t (SS003)


the third official release from SISSTER SSOUND sees the first physical release from texas based instrumental black metalers ODESSA. forming in 2009 as a two piece and performing several live shows with a drum machine, they later added a live drummer to fill out the sound and round out the group. these are the first recordings as a three piece with the live-drum line up. creating a sound that could fit easily alongside other ambient USBM bands, ODESSA cut their own path and remain sonically driving, speeding forward and coating their audience in a wave of darkness. guitars, bass, and drums. no keys, no synth, no bullshit.

the self titled cassette carries 5 songs in roughly 23 minutes and comes housed with a black on black cover, color insert card, and wrapped in a printed translucent vellum band (with all design, logoing and assembly by GIVE UP). limited first pressing of only 75.


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